"Mind you, I'm not mad about computers myself..." - The Third Doctor

My choice of the best Doctor Who sites to check out.

BBC Doctor Who Home Page
The Beeb's official site, with all manner of wonderment!

Doctor Who @ BlackStar Video
The place to get Doctor Who videos online

Nitro Nine
The ultimate Doctor Who online resource - links aplenty!

Ultimate Doctor Who Bloopers List
Spot the 'hand of Horus' and other continuity cock-ups

Doctor Who Reference Guide
All the good Doctor's adventures on paper and screen

All sorts of good stuff

History of the BBC radiophonics workshop
Complete history of the people behind the Doctor Who sound!

Stripping Down - Doctor Who Comic Strips
A must!!! Thorough, well-designed site focusing on Who comics

Doctor Who Image Archive
Pictures from the series

Outpost Gallifrey
Very slick site covering every aspect of Who. Lots of canon continuity!

Reviews of Virgin's New and Missing Adventures plus a few BBC Books titles

Chameleon Circuit Cover Artwork Resource
Downloadable alternative video jacket designs for personal use

On Target - The Changing Face of Doctor Who
Must-see website on the Target books

The World of Doctor Who
The episodes, the books, the comic strips.

Barbara's Big Bouffant!
Tribute to the much-missed Jacqueline Hill, who played one of the Doctor's first companions, schoolteacher Barbara Wright

Doctor Who Cuttings Archive
Including Frank Bellamy's illustrations for the Radio Times

Created by Mark Campbell, author of the Doctor Who Pocket Essential Guide.

A History Of Tom Baker's Scarves
Yes, seriously!