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Clare's birthday drink, 8th August

Clare (mid-rollup) and her blokey Rowan.

The lovely Miss Lindsay Walker.

Me (mid-rollup) with the birthday girl.

"You had to see it to believe it. Of course, I nearly choked..."
Caroline makes a point. Lindsay looks on.

Lindsay, Caroline, Clare and me.

Up North with Alison, 15-19 August

The fort at Tynemouth, or what's left of it.

A lovely view from the side of the fort, Alison in foreground.

Tynemouth again. Sun! Sea! Sand!

While in Tynemouth, Alison and me visited The Land of Green Ginger, a church converted into an indoor market with an exhibition of some props from the classic 1980s childrens programme "Supergran"! It's true - look!

The 'Magic Ray Machine'.

The 'Flycycle'.

Some sort of sledge/C5 hybrid!

Alison's brother's dogs Sandy and Tara.

Heterosexual dungaree-wearer of the year Miss Alison Davies and a tigger-ed doggy.

Alison's brother Shaun's face being eaten by his cap.