Friday 30 August

Finally got hold of David Bowie's most recent single "Slow Burn" as an inexpensive Italian import - only to find out all the B side tracks will be appearing on his upcoming UK single, "Everyone Says Hi". Bugger. But it was worth it to get to hear "Shadow Man" and "You've Got A Habit Of Leaving" (Y2K remakes of two VERY OLD and VERY OBSCURE Bowie songs from his youth).

On the subject of Uncle Dave, I took the Which David Bowie Are You? test. And this was the result! Apparently, I am...

Which David Bowie are you?

Scary, but funny! I also went to the official Hedwig and the Angry Inch film site and 'created' my own glam rock name, and was landed with the splendid glam moniker Velvet Venus. Mmmm, nice! Incidentally, if you haven't seen this movie, DO IT NOW! It's everything "Velvet Goldmine" should have been but wasn't, the ultimate neo-glam post-punk queer rock musical. With some top notch one liners.

Meanwhile back on Planet earth, I had a job interview on Tuesday for trainee sub editor at the Western Telegraph, which went fairly well except my briefcase wouldn't open! I find out how I did late next week - stay tuned.