Thursday 27 June 02

Added some new photos of me and my dawg for Gallery - Wales 2002. Have made a few changes to the TV Tardis page, with two new shows added (Into the Labyrinth and The Haunting of Cassie Palmer) and one removed (Really Rosie. Apologies to any Carole King fans out there!) You haven't lived until you've seen the picture of Beryl Reid holding a lasergun!

Just got the limited edition 2CD edition of "Heathen", the new Bowie album. Features a shit-hot Air remix of "A Better Future", and a remake of "Conversation Piece" - a song originally written by Bowie in 1969 and recorded as the B side of "The Prettiest Star". A real lost gem!

Question: Why is it that people who always say "Well, it'd be a boring world if we were all the same?" are the kind of people who are the same as everyone else, and look upon anyone who's slightly different as if they have come from another planet? Bloody plebs...
Phew, that's better! Sorry about that, I needed to vent :)