Wednesday 24 July 02

Am cooking up a few new pages for this site, not quite ready for unveiling yet! Added three albums to my Rewind page - see if you can spot 'em! There's a new link added to the Minibar page too, check it out tout suite.

On a sadder note, yesterday the great actor Leo McKern passed away. McKern famously breathed life into John Mortimer's maverick lawyer Rumpole of the Bailey, one of the greatest comic characters of British fiction. It is impossible to read any of Mortimer's hilarious Rumpole books, which I strongly recommend (especially if you like PG Wodehouse and Tom Sharpe style humorous writing), without hearing McKern's lugubrious voice in your head! He will be sorely missed, and let us not forget one of Rumpole's great pearls of wisdom: Never open bills, it only encourages them!