Week ending Sunday 09 June 02

I've been working on my home page practically ever since I arrived back in Wales on 11th May, about a month ago. During that time I've been listening to two mix CDs, the 2 Many DJs album, a mindboggling mash-up throwing together such unlikely bedfellows as The Stooges and Salt'N'Pepa, Destiny's Child and 10cc, and also including my current favourites Felix da Housecat, Peaches (the brilliant "Fuck The Pain Away", and Royksopp, not so much a DJ album, more a work of art; and City Rockers' Futurism compilation, which features a great cross-selection of electroclash artists. Electroclash is a style of modern electro-pop (influenced by Human League, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan), usually European, and some of the highlights are "Statdkind" by Ellen Allien, "Paco!" by Ladytron, "Lovertits" by Peaches, and the single "Sunglasses at Night" by Tiga and Zyntherius, "Hand To Phone" by Adult, "Missy Queen's Gonna Die", and Miss Kittin and the Ripper. One track, "Burning Up Again" by Alpinestars, could almost be classified as alternative/indie.